Normal heart rate unborn baby boy -

Baby boy's heartbeat at 16 weeks

My prenatal check up at Klinik Felice Huang Kota Kinabalu.

My Baby boy's heartbeat

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30 week Baby Boy Heart Rate (140)

My son, Rashons, heartrate.

Fetal Doppler at 15 Weeks!! Baby's Heartbeat!!!!!!

I absolutely love having this doppler to use whenever I want, Today was the first time i heard the babys heartbeat! If you can identify the other sounds i pick up i.

At 29 weeks, is it normal for a baby to move a lot sometimes, and not move a lot at other times?

You mentioned that you're 29 weeks a long and some days you feel your baby move a lot and other days your baby doesn't move much at all. On those days.

Baby boys heart beat 25 weeks 3d ultrasound nov 20 2012

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6 Week Ultrasound (Baby's Heartbeat)

Baby boys heart beat. 15 weeks 5 days. The faster heart beat is baby's and mine is slower!!

Baby's heart rate at 23 weeks 5 days