Accurate and automatic alignment of range surfaces -

StarScan™ automatic display alignment scanner from 3D perception

StarScan provides complete 3D measurement of display system geometry in immersive display systems. Using high precision gimbal pointing, StarScan.

Computational Hydrographic Printing (SIGGRAPH 2015)

By Yizhong Zhang, Chunji Yin, Changxi Zheng and Kun Zhou Technical Paper at ACM siggraph 2015.

Road Design - Cross Sections - Ground Surface

T/ Creating Cross Sections Till now we have learnt how to design horizontal curve and vertical curve. Creating cross sections include.

Computational Hydrographic Printing for accurately painting complex 3D objects

Researchers have come up with a new way of accurately painting 3D printed objects While the 3D printing technology has developed in leaps and bounds over.

Bosch GLL2-80P Dual Plane Leveling and Alignment Laser Demo Video

M/Bosch-GLL-2-80P-Professional-Tripod-BS-150 The Line Laser Level GLL 2-80 P 360 degree dual plane laser for the professional is the.

Bosch GSL2 Surface and floor Laser Level - (NEW) - Worlds First Surface Laser GSL2

Bosch shows off true innovation with this new surface scanner. This is the first laser surface scanner in the market. Find high and low points in your surfaces by.

XONOX CT 200: Fast, Reliable, and Repeatable Center Thickness Measurement

Xonox CT 200: Fast, Reliable, and Repeatable Center Thickness Measurement The xonox CT 200 is capable of measuring center thickness (CT) of plano.