Acceptable use of medical abbreviations -

ABOG Acceptable Abbreviations for the OBGYN Oral Boards

Abog has few abbreviations it allows in clinical paperwork but for your Oral Board Case List you can use abbreviations as long as you know which ones are.

Medical Abbreviations

Medical Abbreviations teaspoon common mistakes b.i.d t.i.d OD OS right eye left eye prn bicycle tricycle.

FDA on abbreviations

FDA and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ismp) have launched a nationwide educational campaign to eliminate the use of potentially harmful.


Get help with abbreviations. Know when it is acceptable to abbreviate and when it is not. Be ready for you exam by reviewing abbreviations.

OET - Which abbreviations describe patient care and tests?

Abbreviations used in hospitals in Australia and elsewhere (equivalent abbreviations given where appropriate). Patient care and treatment, tests. Purchase the.

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Will I pass the OET?

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