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AR15 SBR Accuracy - 100 & 300 Yard Groups on Paper

SUB MOA @ 300 Yards - Video: this is the AR15 SBR Accuracy video that I have been wanting to produce for a very long time.

Short Barrel Rifle At 200 And 300 Yards.

The biggest myth is that short barrels aren't accurate. The shorter the barrel, the less flex it has. In theory, there is less barrel whip due to the shorter barrel.

.223 Hornady VMAX 55 gr Varmint Express at 200 and 300 Yards

Shooting groups at 200 and 300 yards with a.223 Bushmaster Varminter AR15. Target cam also setup for picture-in-picture (PIP) effect. This cartridge has the.

.22LR LETHALITY - 300 Yard Ballistics Test

Don't Forget to Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!* We are testing the lethality of the.22LR @ 300 e reason I'm performing this test is because in the.

World's Most Accurate Rifles 4" group at 1000 yards +

I'm testing out how changing the name of the video to "World's Most Accurate Rifles" will change how many views I get. It's corny I know but it's an experiment.

AR-15 SBR - Sub MOA Accuracy - 300 Yards

This little 10.5" Noveske barrel continues to impress! It was asked on one of my other videos whether or not the suppressor that I used in that video increased the.

Yugo SKS - Insane Accuracy - 500 Yards

We are shooting a Yugo SKS at 500 yards with iron sights and bulk bought ammo. We are filming at Best of the West Shooting Sports, a 1000-yard public.

300 AAC Blackout at 100-300 yards

Practical accuracy testing of the 300 blackout with an AAC 9 inch Blackout upper and 100 and 300 yards. Reliability has been 1 rds with all ammo.