Acceptable act scores for colleges -

Submitting your ACT Scores to Colleges

How to submit ACT scores to colleges.

Hampshire College • Why We Don't Accept SAT/ACT Test Scores

Last year, Hampshire College completely dropped standardized tests from our application as part of our new mission-driven admissions strategy, distinct from.

How to Submit Official SAT/ACT Scores

Kathryn Favaro explains the easy steps to follow for submitting your official SAT/ACT scores to colleges. After you apply it is critical to send your official test.

College Admissions: Are My Test Scores Good Enough to Get In?!

Ello dahhhhhllllings! Worried you don't have the grades or test scores to get into a particular college or university? Well. Let me set some basic ground rules.

Get ACCEPTED to your dream school with poor grades and low test scores

Do straight F's, no SAT/ACT scores, no high school diploma get you into the TOP colleges? Share this Video: Subscribe To.

Transferring from Community Colleges: send SAT / ACT scores?

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Homeless Teen Scores High on ACT - Cynthia Lee

A San Antonio teen living in a local homeless shelter achieves the highest ACT score in the history of Lanier High School. Now she's graduating at the top of her.