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How to Make A Simple Accordion Book

Download the pattern here: m/pattern/paper-crafts/making-a-simple-accordion-book/53705 For more ideas and projects visit.

Easy DIY Accordion Book Tutorial (origami paper craft)

Easy DIY Accordion Book Tutorial (origami paper craft).

Accordion Book

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord teaches you how to make an accordion book.

How to Make a Accordion Fold Mini Album Crafts With Paper Tutorial

This a easy accordion fold mini album that you can make with 2-3 sheets of card stock any color cut in half and decorate the front and back and you have a cute.

Accordion Book in a Box

Crafting inspiration can come from anything. In this case, an accordion in a box! Using elegant papers, Karen Elaine Thomas from Yasutomo folds up a mini.

How to Make a Map Accordion Travel Book || KIN DIY

Like this project? See more KIN DIY: Find project info by clicking on "Show more" below. Taking a road trip this summer? Heidi and Susie.

DIY Accordion Book / Receipt Envelopes - Desk Organization and Storage Ideas (1)

Part 1 of 3 part DIY desk organization series - Receipt Envelope Booklet to reduce the paper clutter on your desk and in your purse! Stay tuned for giveaway.

Accordion Envelope Book

Made with envelopes folded in half and an accordion binding, this little book holds place cards for your table. Guests write what they are thankful for and they are.

Tropical Origami Unfolds: "Praia-dise Origami Accordion Book Sculpture"

Created & exhibited during iSolAIR Artist Residency Program (Cape Verde Islands, Africa). Dimensions: 50.8 x 25.42 x 25.4cm (20 x 10 x 10in). Media: Gouache.