Accurate arms pistol powder -

Reloading how to: Powder Selections from my bench

Powder selections from my reloading bench. I have a minimal number of powders that cover the entire spectrum of what i load.

9mm Carbine Loads - Alliant Power Pistol & Accurate #7

Been wanting to develop some high density loads using some slow-ish handgun powder that will take full advantage of the long 16-inch barrels on these 9mm.

Kentucky Black Powder Pistol by Miroku - Review and Demonstration

45 caliber, replica Kentucky black powder pistol from Japan. Features an authentic wood stock. 10 inch octagonal barrel. This is a high quality replica made by.

Reloading Accurate Pistol Ammunition by JSD Arms

Handloading pistol ammo? Reload it the right way. This video shows you how.

Hodgdon CFE Pistol Powder

Loading 9mm with Hodgdon CFE pistol powder.

Flintlock Musket (Brown Bess)

Demonstration of a flintlock musket, using real black powder. (Uberti replica of the Brown Bess, used extensively in the Revolutionary War by both sides).

Flintlock Pistol Accuracy

Germanic Dragoon.62cal Flintlock pistol This pistol is nearly identical to one shown in Neumann's "The History of Weapons of the American Revolution" (p.44).

Black powder Patch and Ball accuracy.

The first round you fire from your muzzle loader may not be the most accurate. Firing at targets over the snow I was able to find fired patches and compare them.