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Let's Just Be Friends

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Why No Cop Show On TV Is Accurate (Yes, Even 'The Wire') - Today's Topic

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International Protection Services

Level 3 GSS International Security Consultants and Management Services Level 3 GSS is a multi-disciplined, full service international security consultation firm.

The Awkward Sequel PART 1 of 8!

Part 1 of an ongoing "Made-For-Internet" series. In 2011, as an inside joke between my best friend Jorgé & I, I made a little video called "Bobby Rydell: The.

The Notorious B.I.G.'s Murder Recreated Perfectly

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The Hyundai HY6000LE is a 4.5kW electric start petrol generator, a popular mid range portable generator which is a regular choice in the construction and.

Accidental Racism PARODY