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Accurate Boss Valiant 300

Accurate Fishing Products Announces release of exciting new Technology in fishing reels! The Boss Valiant 300 will be in retailers Nov 27 2015 black friday.

Accurate Reels For Hot 2014 Fishing Action

Ben Secrest of Accurate Fishing Products talks about his gear suggestions for this hot Summer 2014 local bite. M.

Accurate 2015

New Accurate lineup for 2015 and beyond, and a couple new announcements, too!

Accurate Jigging Reels

Ben Secrest of Accurate Fishing Products discusses Accurate's line of jigging reels and rods.

Accurate Reels 2011

15 minute video describing Accurate Reels, size comparison, brief discussion of features and performance.

Big Angry Fish with Synit Rods and Accurate reels.

Last roll of the dice with Reece Claxton. Loaded with synit rods and accurate reels, we headed out to hopefully nail some big angry fish before Reece departed.

Accurate Valiant 300 Reel at ICAST 2015

M/ml Ed Berger from the TackleDirect Pro Staff and Ben Seacrest from Accurate discuss the features of the Accurate.

Accurate TwinSpin SR-12 Spinning Reel | J&H Tackle

Buy an Accurate TwinSpin SR-12 Spinning Reel - Accurate makes some of the finest fishing reels on the market and they do not let down with.

Accurate Spinning Reel!- INSANE DRAG! Accurate SR-12 TWIN Drag. Team Old School

If you Want the best- YOU found IT here! Accurate Spinning Reels with twin Drag. This means Drag Pressure is applied on both sides of the spool- Top.