Accordion crimes tune -

Accordion Crimes (Uncle Carl's)

The Kaiser Family Band performs "Accordion Crimes" at Uncle Carl's Dulcimer Club, Spring Arbor, Michigan on April 12, 2008. We recorded this tune for our first.

"Accordion Crimes"

I was reading Annie Proulx's novel _Accordion Crimes and my accordion was sitting there, and I picked it up, and I made up this loopy tune. Ranzo.

Tina Bergmann and Bryan Thomas: Waynesboro/Long Way Home/Accordion Crimes

Tina Bergmann (hammered dulcimer) and Bryan Thomas (double bass) performing at the "Plays Well with Others (Duos community workshop, at the 43rd Kent).


An aspiring Accordion player and I'm just having a go at my favourite song smooth criminal by Michael Jackson, any advice needed on learning this song on this.

Accordion Crimes: Spacehater

Accordion Crimes is based in Denver, Colorado but many of their fans speak French. After the shoot they drove back to Denver, haunted by thoughts of Cormac.

accordion "crime" 1 - starting out.m4v

I got this beat-up accordion for Christmas and have been playing for approx. A month. I play almost every day. Here is my current state of play-ability. Some days.

Orion's Bow - Glass Island Reel and Accordion Crimes

Two modern Irish songs performed live by Orion's Bow, a Denver-based Celtic-Renaissance band featuring Star Edwards, Ruth Chaikin, Rebecca Beshore.