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Chi-squared Test

Paul Andersen shows you how to calculate the ch-squared value to test your null hypothesis. He explains the importance of the critical value and defines the.

Mathematica for Biologists Chapter 2, Part 2 (nonlinear curve fitting)

This tutorial teaches how to fit experimental data (XY pairs) to an arbitrary non-linear function. Find 'best fit line function coefficients and r-squared. Also learn.

Statistics for Biologists - The Chi Squared Test

In this video we look at how to apply the chi squared statistical test and interpret the results. Particularly useful for A Level students preparing for their ISA/ empa.

Statistics 001 AP Biology - Linear Regression in Excel

A short screencast to show students how to use Excel to perform a linear regression. Slide References: Slide 4 Scatterplot and regression line image: Sullivan.

R2 - Regenerating the Cell Membrane the Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty Acid Ratio for Cell Dr. Dan Pompa

M/Health-Tips/ml The second step Dr. Dan Pompa explains.

Biological Trickling Filter at Ryaverken Göteborg GRYAAB

Machine and filtermedia supplied by VA Teknik i Bors AB Sweden. We supply Waste Water Treatment Plants with machinery. For more information visit.

What is a P Value? What does it tell us?

Discussion about the p value. What it means and how to interpret it. If the null were true! Reject or fail to reject?