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Mobile Applications Using iOS 5's Face Tracking - Turn Your Friends Into Zombies

See how you can turn your friends into zombies, and other exciting application functionality of iOS 5's new face-tracking technology.

Franklin Free Form Progressive Lenses [ENG]

The optical industry is massively shifting towards digital surfacing technology. But, are all digital lenses better than conventional lenses? Only when they are.

Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Attendance System provides us the accurate records for attendance of the employees in an office, factory, hospital and other places with employees.

Biometrics ID Solution Case Studies for Society

A democracy for less than two decades, South Africa is now a vibrant country with approximately 48 million citizens of all colors and creeds.

Tennis Tips: How To Hit Your Forehand With Power AND Accuracy!

M In this video, Coach Mauro Marcos explains and demonstrates how - and why! - you need to have a good 'finish' with your forehand.

How to Connect the Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor to the Digifit iCardio App

Enable Heart Rate Sensors for Digifit iCardio with The Scosche Rhythm! Buy The Scosche Rhythm Here! M/rhythm Scosche Social.

Worlds First BITCOIN ATM Inside a GUN SHOP

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