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The Human Eye

The human eye: is the most valuable and sensitive sense organ and it is a natural optical instrument. The important parts of the eye: Cornea, Iris, Pupil, Eye Lens.


Defects OF vision AND their correction: The eye may gradually lose its power of accommodation. In such conditions, the person cannot see the.

Student accommodation at Imperial College London

Take a tour around the various halls of residence available to students at Imperial College London. For more information please visit.

Fleetwood Nautical College Accommodation

Uk Fleetwood Nautical College accommodation, is a family business offering nautical college students quality.

New College Lane student accommodation at the University of Hertfordshire

The development of the University of Hertfordshire's College Lane accommodation is to be completed in phases from 2014/16. With the increase in student.

Imperial West - Launching the Vision

Imperial College London is the only UK university to focus exclusively on science, technology, engineering, medicine and business, and to provide a critical.


Sue Mannion, senior student advice & accommodation centre adviser gives an informative talk about accommodation options at Imperial College London.

Session 3 - Succeeding in College with Mental Illness, pt. 1 - Saks Institute 2014 Spring Symposium

Succeeding in college with a major mental illness: A developmental framework for negotiating transitions, academic demands, leaves of absence, psychiatric.