Accurate welding inspection -

TomoWELD - Radiographic Tomography for in-situ Inspection of welded austenitic pipework

The Tomoweld project ( proposes to develop a robust mobile X-ray tomographic system for the accurate inspection of austenitic steel).

PipeWIZARD - AUT Inspection of CRA-Clad Pipeline Girth Welds

In this video, we explore how new automated ultrasonic testing solutions from Olympus are used to perform more accurate inspections of pipeline girth welds.

SmartRay 3D Scanners performing weld inspection - WeldVision

SmartRay manufactures high speed and accurate 3D laser profilers - jmak is the North American distributor for SmartRay.

Sawyer MFG Coupon Cutter Tensile Tester Strap Bender

Sawyers Coupon Cutter provides accurate weld quality testing for pipeline inspections, technical colleges and welding shops. It is able to center up on the pipe.

Motoman TIG welding robot with MotoSense vision system

A motoman robot from yaskawa is suspended from a gantry system serving two work station each comprising a servo controlled twin axes positioner.

Nachi MV06 Pipe Welding with Laser Search

Nachi MV06 Robot performs open root complete joint penetration (CJP) welding on petroleum pipe using the gmaw-P welding process. A reflective laser is.

Machine Vision in Industry for Quality Assurance, High Accuracy Measurements and Robot Navigation

Neovision, s. R. O. Is a Czech private company founded in 1995. Neovision is specialized in machine vision systems for high accuracy.