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Comma Rules, Part 1 (Grammar) - 4 Major Comma Rules

Learn four major comma rules. In this video, we cover the following comma rules: 1) Using commas in a series, 2) Using commas with coordinate adjectives.

10 Comma Rules

A review of the ten comma rules.

Comma Rules (Part 1)

Exercise: m/the-function-and-rules-of-the-comma-part-one/ This video is on the function and rules of the comma in English.

How to Use Commas Correctly

M/ Commas are tricky little things. Unless we are writers of a certain caliber, or editors, little do we know where exactly to put commas, why.

ACT English Prep Tips (Grammar) - 4 Major Comma Rules to Know

Learn the best strategies and tips for the ACT English test. In this video, we talk about four major comma rules you should know for the ACT English test.

#GrammarDoctor - Comma Rules

Get a clean bill of grammar health from the #GrammarDoctor in this quick tip about commas. There are a lot of comma rules but if you can master these six, then.

Comma story - Terisa Folaron

View full lesson: m/lessons/comma-story-terisa-folaron It isn't easy holding complex sentences together (just ask a conjunction or a subordinate).

Ten Basic Comma Rules

Ten basic comma rules are discussed with examples. For more detailed explanations please visit m.