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Tarot Lesson - Yes/No Questions Technique and Spread #1

How do you answer a Yes/No question? We get them a lot. Will he call? Will I get the job? Some people dont want complicated readings, with a long in depth.

6-Card "Yes or No" Tarot Spread

A 6-Card "Yes or No" Tarot Spread with an additional layout for more information. Music by Stewart Copeland "Haunted Towers" Spyro the Dragon Insomniac.

A simple way to get a yes/no answer using the Tarot.

I am often asked how I do a yes/no divination using my Tarot deck. The process is simple, but explaning it makes it seem hard. So, here is a video that I hope will.

Yes Or No Oracle -- Questions and Answers Future's So Bright

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A Cheap Accurate Tarot Card Reading UK USA

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How to get a yes or no answer to a question using one Tarot card.

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A Unique Yes/No Answer Spread

Getting a Simple Yes-No Answer with Oracle Cards