Acceptable blood pressure for elderly -

Trying to Control Blood Pressure Isn't Always the Right Move for the Elderly

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I heard an RN recently scare an elderly lady by telling her she had low blood pressure and she even wanted to change the lady's blood pressure medication in.

High Blood Pressure in the Very Elderly: The HYVET Results

Dr. Henry Black discusses hyvet's answer to an old question.

Time for considering other blood pressure target values in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes?

This video accompanies a paper in the February issue of the International Journal of Clinical Practice, entitled, "Time for considering other blood pressure target.

Does Facebook affect your blood pressure? - Cyber-Seniors Documentary

An outtake from the Cyber-Seniors documentary.

Systolic hypertension in elderly Dr Satyavan Sharma

An introduction to the Mesquite Independent School District's acceptable use policy for computers.

How exercise can better quality of life in elderly high blood pressure sufferers

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